Ep: 26 – Week Five Comes Alive! – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 26 of the Reddit NFL Podcast! This is the official podcast of r/NFL and we are proud to bring you This Week in Reddit on the NFL front.

In this week’s episode, hosts Chris and Jeff “The Riz” discuss the biggest games of the week and their implications.  Some teams, like the New York Giants, are in the middle of a complete implosion. The Steelers seem to be on the same type of heading in their own meltdown mode. While others, like the Kansas City Chiefs, continue to fly high exceeding the expectations of many.

Next, the r/NFL power rankings take over the discussion. Chris and Jeff take some time to discuss rankings, why they like some and where they would change others. Did they get the top Packers’ position right? Are the Cowboys too low after their loss to the Packers? Does the bottom of the list really organize the worst of the worst? That and more on the power rankings this week.

We also talk about a recent interview with Dean Blandino that was conducted on the Detroit Lions Podcast and announce that Dean will be coming to r/NFL to do an AMA for the rest of us. Good news from a guy who has taken a lot of hate around the rules and calls of the game that we love.

We discuss about Kevin Hogan’s leading role with the Browns, how Cleveland continues to give away QBs that are far better than the ones on their roster, JJ Watt’s injury, Tom Brady’s shoulder injury and a whole lot more in, “This Week In Reddit.”

There are locks and shocks predictions for the Week 6 action, which features Chris taking a commanding lead in the standings, while Riz starts to get nervous and realizes he might have to start taking some long shots.

We appreciate your feedback on the show and encourage your interaction in the subreddit and live, including your opportunity to call into the show at: (858) 345-4635 or via Skype at: Reddit NFL Podcast.  Leave us a message, and get a chance to be on the show!

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