Ep: 23 – Week Two Review – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Reddit NFL Podcast, your home for the official podcast of the Reddit/NFL. Hosts Chris and Jeff are back after the second week of NFL action to talk about all the key highlights from the second week of the NFL regular season.

This Week In Reddit features a discussion about some of the biggest games of the week and what their outcomes mean. The boys talk about Power Rankings again and hope to clear up any confusion from last week’s discussion. We also talk a bit about what a developmental league might look like for the NFL, why it’s a good idea, and why you likely won’t see one. We spend a bit of time explaining why the Bengals (of all teams) have the #1 ranked passing defense, and we talk about where the Bears are in starting Mitchell Trubisky.  We also talk about the earth being flat and faked moon landings…

We review last week’s locks and shocks as Chris pulls out to a 1 game lead over Jeff. We also tease the idea of letting our listeners take part in the fun as well.

This week in mediocrity is all about the woeful state of the Chargers home games in Los Angeles.  Things aren’t looking good for this move, and we wonder how long before they make a change…

We field a couple of great questions from our listeners on Fansanity this week, and one listener discovers a way to send a message to rival fans as a part of his call…

We appreciate your feedback on the show and encourage your interaction in the subreddit and live, including your opportunity to call into the show at: (858) 345-4635 or via Skype at: Reddit NFL Podcast.  Leave us a message, and get a chance to be on the show!

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