Ep: 22 – Week One Is Done! – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Reddit NFL Podcast, your home for the official podcast of the r/NFL. Hosts Chris and Jeff are back after a hurricane-induced break to talk about all the big stuff from the first week of the NFL regular season.

This Week In Reddit features a discussion about the official Reddit power rankings. Jeff takes issue with some of the methodology, and both hosts question why teams who haven’t played yet saw movement. We also dig deeper on some of the other teams and how they got to where they are in the rankings.

David Johnson was probably the first pick in your fantasy football draft, but the Cardinals RB is now out for 2 – 3 months with a broken wrist. What does that mean to the Cardinals and to your fantasy chances?

Tony Romo’s impressive debut was a pleasant story. He might be the best in the business already, and don’t ever bet against him about a football play call. Suffice it to say nobody misses Phil Simms, especially Jim Nantz.

We have some ‘Fansanity’ interaction where Chris and Jeff field questions via a phone call and a message from our listeners, and they’re good questions! Interactivity is always encouraged, so be sure to call in and take part! Mediocrity is also encouraged, and this week’s edition of ‘This Week in Mediocrity’ (the Jeff Fisher Memorial Segment) leads to an extended riff on Andrew Luck and the Colts as well as their declining fates.

For the season, there are locks and shocks of the weeks as predictions for NFL Week 2. Join in the fun and thank you for listening!

We appreciate your feedback on the show and encourage your interaction in the subreddit and live, including your opportunity to call into the show at: (858) 345-4635 or via Skype at: Reddit NFL Podcast.  Leave us a message, and get a chance to be on the show!

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