Ep: 19 – Get Me A Doctor – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Episode 19 of the Reddit NFL Podcast is in the books and ready for your listening enjoyment. In this week’s episode we discuss the fate of Ezekial Elliot and what it might mean for the NFL and its CBA in the future. We also analyze how many players wind up in financial dire straights after their playing time is over (hint: its a majority), what it means, and why it happens. We also think about some ways in which these guys could help themselves. We take a look at Hard Knocks, give it some love, and also listen as Chris registers a pretty compelling complaint about the show’s production elements this year. We also take a look at the Saints’ team doctor situation, in this episode and wonder if Drew Brees is going to wind up with a cigarette smoking hack taking a look at his bumps and bruises this year. We go deep on ESPN’s fantasy becoming a nightmare right now, why its happening, what they could have done to prevent it, and what it means. Lastly, we bring the biggest bang for your buck when we talk about where to find the best odds in Vegas. There’s a ton of fun packed into this great episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast, don’t miss out!

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