Ep: 18 – Preseason Is The Reason – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Episode 18 of the Reddit NFL Podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure. In this week’s episode we discuss the first preseason game after the Hall of Fame Game, the addition of new, professional referees (and how we think it could have been done better), Vince Wilfork’s retirement, the things that fans complained about most last season, Jay Cutler, the Crips and the Bloods, and a whole lot more.

Chris and Jeff start the show by apologizing for missing the show last week. Both had pressing issues that kept them away from the show, unfortunately.  They are back now, and ready to bring it, particularly when the discuss professional referees in the NFL.  Chris comes up with a way to help ensure they are less biased and more difficult to manipulate.

The guys are just as frustrated as the rest of the NFL’s fans when they say they are sick and tired of all of the commercials packed into a game of football.  The TV timeouts are wrecking the game and make it quite difficult to enjoy.  Some possible solutions are discussed, but no one trusts the NFL to implement them in a way that gives less screen time to the advertisers.

There’s a ton of fun packed into this great episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast!

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