Ep: 17 – Ready, Set… – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Reddit NFL Podcast, the official NFL podcast for the Reddit NFL community! This week’s show goes all over the NFL map as training camps kick off. Hosts Chris and Jeff cover This Week in Reddit with a slew of topics.

The Dallas Cowboys take center stage with an un-Lucky situation. A team with a cavalcade of recent suspensions and miscreant behavior decides to draw the line by cutting an innocent man in Lucky Whitehead. What kind of message does this send, and should star running back Ezekiel Elliott be worried about a potential suspension…and would it be a good thing for him in the long term?
The boys get serious with the topic of CTE and a recent study where 99 percent of former NFL players who donated their brains after death showed evidence of the devastating condition. This leads to an honest conversation about the future of the league and what it means for parents who have kids wanting to play the game.
Martellus Bennett makes the Green Bay Packers a whole lot better, and his act of sleeping on the floor in front of his locker on the eve of training camp will only make the Packer Backers that much more rabid. One of them even calls in to leave a funny message.
From the Cardale Jones trade to the unfortunate rash of injuries continuing in Baltimore, this time with starting running back Kenneth Dixon going down, there are stories from all over the league. Jeff goes over his favorite camp battles, including a duel between two players he took a shine to in their respective drafts.
There is also information on joining our fantasy football league, where you can win actual money by beating other listeners and even the hosts too. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the greatness of the Reddit NFL Podcast!
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