Ep: 16 – Cousins With The Benjamins – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Episode 16 of the Reddit NFL Podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure. In this week’s episode we discuss the situations that Kirk Cousins and Le’Veon Bell find themselves in, we talk GM turnover in Carolina, analyze Jerry Jones finally looking like he might care about off-field issues, pontificate about up and coming QBs, and have a good laugh at some awesome real and imagined player sponsorships.

Kirk Cousins is an NFL player who finds himself in an amazing position. He is going to become a very rich man, very soon, and will do so by being a “good” (not great/elite) player. He’s found an excellent way to capitalize within the confines of the current CBA. He’s also going to skew the QB market for other players as a result. We discuss what this means for him, the team, and ultimately the fans as well. Le’Veon Bell finds himself in an interestingly similar position for different reasons and upside. We discuss his situation and what it could mean for others.

Carolina has made a move to rid themselves of Dave Gettleman, their controversial GM that seemed to find a way to negotiate his way into people disliking him and the team he represented pretty intensely. We also talk about the decision to name Marty Hurney as the interim and what it might mean.

Additionally, we wonder if Jerry Jones’ response to Ezekiel Elliot’s recent troubles is too little too late with an excellent chat about team culture and how important it is to set it appropriately.

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