Ep: 14 – Better Than An Irsay Tweet – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to the Reddit NFL Podcast, Episode 14. Hosts Chris and Jeff are back after a week off to bring you all the latest and greatest NFL news and notes.

In this week’s show, the boys talk about linebacker Zach Orr and his decision to risk his neck (quite literally) to continue to play football. Will he sign somewhere, is the risk worth it and who might sign him? What could the long term effects be if he continues playing? There’s a lot to talk about here. Spoiler: Chris and Jeff are a lot more risk averse than Zach seems to be…

The boys talk about the way the game continues to change on both offense and defense. There are new defensive base alignments in response to the changing offensive styles. That dovetails with a discussion about QB yards per completion and how those offenses play into the stat. Chris pulls out an old favorite, Christian Okoye, and compares him to a bulldozer with a football in the cab…

We have a great deal of fun with Jimmy Kempski’s article from the Philly Voice about the Top 10 Reasons The Washington Redskins Will Be A Dumpster Fire, and analyze how close to the mark he really is.  The Riz brings an inside look at Kirk Cousins’ current state of mind, and why the best thing he can do for himself is to keep saying, ‘no’, to the Redskins.

There is a fun discussion about Derek Carr and his tax evasion skills, Drew Brees wants to play flag football,  and why Sean Payton just might belong in mediocrity with this week’s ultimate winner.

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