Ep: 12 – Tank or Crank? – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to the Reddit NFL Podcast Episode 12. Hosts Chris and Jeff are back after a week off to cover all the latest NFL happenings.

This week’s episode kicks off with a long focus on the current situation that the New York Jets have put themselves into. After dealing Calvin Pryor and dumping David Harris and Eric Decker as the latest veteran purges, where exactly are the Jets flying? Are they bringing about a new era of deliberately tanking a season to the NFL? Are there any other veterans left to dump?

The Kansas City Chiefs also dumped a prominent player, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. What were they thinking, how are the progressing, and why is Maclin still on the open market after a couple of team visits? Could there be a bigger reason why he was let go and that no one is picking him up?

The boys talk about Marcus Mariota’s straight-edge lifestyle compared to his Titans beer-guzzling teammates, spend some good time discussing why the Pro Football Focus (PFF) Top 50 outshines the NFL Top 100, and where PFF does thing well.  We often love to pick on PFF, but the deserve credit for what they get right.  Additionally, what happens next for Dennis Pitta and the Ravens, and more!

Also, be sure to listen to the announcements where we set up the schedule for the show for the remainder of the offseason.  There are two more weeks that we will be off before training camp begins, and then we go hard through the 2018 Super Bowl.

We appreciate your feedback on the show and encourage your interaction in the subreddit and live, including your opportunity to call into the show at: (858) 345-4635 or via Skype at: Reddit NFL Podcast.  Leave us a message, and get a chance to be on the show!

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