Ep: 11 – NFL Rules Have Changed – The Reddit NFL Podcast

In this episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast, hosts Chris and Jeff “The Rizz” Risdon cover a wide range of NFL topics just as Organized Team Activities (OTAs) kick off around the league.

The first topic on tap is the owner’s meeting in Chicago and the rule changes which came out of it. We break down the change to overtime, the roster cutdown date alteration, but most importantly the boys do a celebration dance in honor of the NFL relaxing the crackdown on player celebrations. Chris also comes up with a few ideas on what they should have done about the hiring process for coaches.

Not all the NFL news from This Week in Reddit is worth celebrating, however. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer continues to battle eye problems, and this news breaks just as the Vikings fall into the /r/NFL roast spotlight to hilarious effect (sorry Vikings fans). Cyrus Kouandjio’s strange trip results in the Buffalo Bills releasing the troubled offensive tackle, while Matt Elam’s latest arrest likely ends his once-promising career. It always seems like this time of year is fraught with trouble for our NFL players.

Speaking of once-promising careers, Chris and Jeff talk about former draft busts who maybe could have had better careers in different situations. So many names, so many missed opportunities, so many shattered dreams. Likely a number of burned or discarded jerseys as well. Nothing is worse than having hopes dashed.

This Week in Mediocrity touches on the NFL’s inability to plan for rain falling in Southern California and on Devin Smith’s Jets career (there may be a comparison to Laquon Treadwell that finds its way in here, sorry again Vikings fans).

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