Ep: 10 – Loving Las Vegas? – The Reddit NFL Podcast

This week’s episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast really brings it, as hosts Chris and Jeff go deep on several NFL topics. From LeGarrette Blount signing with the Philadelphia Eagles (as well as what it might mean for incumbent Eagles starter Ryan Mathews), to a potential change in the NFL’s archaic injured reserve and roster policy (changes which the guys both love), and the guys deeply probe what’s been hot the last week on r/NFL.

Is Mark Cuban crazy (crazier) for saying the Raiders moving to Las Vegas is a mistake? Chris and Jeff have very different takes on what it means to the team and to the league, as well as where it might lead. They dive into the Colin Kaepernick controversy and his potential signing with the Seattle Seahawks. What took so long and what is the price of Kaepernick’s social activism? There’s a lot to chew on with that one. We also honor the retirement of former Patriot Sebastian Vollmer by having Chris break out the German to wish him a fine journey. We also discuss the amazing body transformation that he’s gone through since January.  Eddie ‘Lunchbox’ Lacy cuts back on the China food just enough to make weight.  We talk about what the future might hold for a guy that’s having this much difficulty making weight while being at the most athletic point in his life.  with the announcement of the Madden 18 cover model, the guys reminisce about their gaming experiences and if there really is a Madden curse, and so much more.

As always we roll out a fan favorite, This Week in Mediocrity, where Jeff slams mediocre sportswriting, particularly lazy tweeting by Andy ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ Benoit. We also try to talk about the Vikings D-line addition but get sidetracked by Val Kilmer’s stellar career.

Strap in for a great episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast!

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