Ep: 9 – Offseason State Of Mind – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Reddit NFL Podcast. Hosts Chris and Jeff review and riff on all the latest news going on in and around the NFL and /r/NFL. The boys cover a wide variety of topics, from the somber to the inane, but certainly the most interesting at this point in the offseason.

Peyton Manning will get his No. 18 jersey retired in Indianapolis, and everyone pretty well seems okay with that.  The Buffalo Bills are quickly becoming the Carolina Panthers – North edition. Will that help them catch the Patriots, the only team listed as a favorite to win every game in 2017? Or does it doom them to falling into becoming the Cleveland Browns, East edition, as the Browns are not favored to win any games?  We also find out that the Rams are the only other team not favored to win any games this season. That’s even worse than 7-9 bullshit.

The unfortunate passing of Chris Berman’s wife, Kathy, brings up memories of old ESPN and all its early glory. Chris and Jeff discuss the most cringeworthy moments in their NFL recollections, and you won’t want to miss Chris going off on his choice!

Tony Romo makes his debut in This Week in Mediocrity, but he seems okay with that.  Jeff offers fashion do’s and don’ts for the approaching summer season, Chris makes peace with Jay Cutler fans, and the hosts talk about why Marshawn Lynch is worth the risk for the Raiders. All this and much more!

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