Ep:6 – Agent Provocateur – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Reddit NFL podcast. In this edition, hosts Chris and Jeff get you caught up on all kinds of NFL news and events.

Among the stories from the always riveting “This Week in Reddit” segment, the boys talk about the unfortunate ending to the unfortunate saga of Aaron Hernandez, who led the national news with his prison suicide. Chris and Jeff also honor a much more noble NFL icon and one of the more beloved and influential forces in the game in Dan Rooney. The Steelers owner and progenitor of the “Rooney Rule” died at 84.

In advance of next week’s NFL Draft, Chris and Jeff welcome NFL agent Evan Brennan to the show. Brennan shares with us what his role as an agent is during this busy time of year and dishes on some of the players he represents. It’s a very informative segment you won’t want to miss!

The Riz takes you through some players who will wind up being drafted much higher or lower than most fans, and many media members, would think and why those players will rise or fall.

The show hits some happy notes in honoring Andre Johnson’s retirement as a Houston Texans great. We discuss the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being chosen to appear on Hard Knocks and what story lines to expect, plus the Patriots signing Super Bowl comeback catalyst James White to a big new deal.

This Week in Mediocrity focuses on linebacker A.J. Hawk calling it a career by returning to the Green Bay Packers for a ceremonial signing, and the hosts actually spar a little on if this qualifies as mediocrity. Also, which player who believes he’s being drafted in the top 20 would doom his team to Jeff Fisher 7-9 BS if he’s actually selected so highly?

There’s a ton of stuff packed into this episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast, with much more to come on a weekly basis.  Be sure to subscribe so as not to miss a single episode!

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