Ep:3 – We Said It On Reddit – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Episode 3 of the Reddit NFL Podcast takes Chris and Jeff through some of the slower days of free agency. We start looking at the bigger picture, like what is the snap differential between teams before and after their free agency moves and losses.  We also take a few shots at Roger Goodell, and poke fun at the fact that “Johnny Football” thinks he’s ready to comeback.

We continue to cruise through “This Week in Reddit” by poking fun at one guy who seems to continuously miss big in his role as a “Twitter Insider” and talk about some of the impact that teams like Green Bay might see as a result of their Free Agency moves.  We also worry that Alshon Jeffery trusts Adam Schefter more than his agent, which means Schefter deserves a piece of that contract!  Lastly, we discover that Riz’s dad screams, “I’m going deep!” just after he shuffles him out of the house.  That one might have been awkward to discover.

We take some time to cover the Interior Offensive Linemen and Inside Linebackers in this weeks breakdown of draft prospect by position.  We also share which teams might be hungry for guys at this position.

Our humble tribute to Jeff Fisher – This Week in Mediocrity – this weeks is beyond mediocre  We cover the Aaron Murray signing with the Ramsn, Mark Sanchez’s new team, and have a good laugh about Aaron Rodgers  and his home sale.

There’s a ton of stuff packed into this episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast, with much more to come on a weekly basis.  Be sure to subscribe so as not to miss a single episode!

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