Ep: 2 – The Ides Of Free Agency – The Reddit NFL Podcast

Episode 2 of the Reddit NFL Podcast takes Chris and Jeff around the world of the first week of NFL free agency. Which signings stand out, for better and for worse? What teams stood out for making prudent decision, and which are setting it on fire?

Redditor /u/SkepticismIsSurvival joins the boys to talk about the ambitious and awesome ’32 teams in 32 days’ series. He covers all the knowledge, the attention to detail and the different angles many of the writers come up with to produce the incredibly useful and well-crafted pieces on each team.

In a segment that will continue through the draft, we take a look at a position on both sides of the ball and break down the top draft prospects at each position as well as where they might be headed.  This week we cover the top running backs and defensive tackles in the draft class. We’ve got you covered with our take on which of these players might fit best with what teams. In short, it’s a great year to need a running back.

We span the world of Reddit for our This Week in Reddit segment, discussing posts from /r/NFL and honoring the Reddit contributors who shared them.

Our humble tribute to Jeff Fisher – This Week in Mediocrity – covers the offensive line situation in Minnesota, as well as another decidedly mediocre offensive lineman calling it a career.

There’s a ton of stuff packed into this episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast, with much more to come on a weekly basis.  Be sure to subscribe so as not to miss a single episode!

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