The Reddit NFL Podcast Launches on March 9th!

The journey begins for the Reddit NFL Podcast – thank you for joining us!

So we begin with our first Reddit NFL Podcast from  An opportunity to cover the broader scope of the NFL with that unmistakable Reddit twist.  We have a lot of fun in store, and will be kicking off with our look at the combine!  Jeff has just returned from Indy and has an inside look at this years’ draft talent. Which teams might be looking at which players, who has red flags, and where the sleepers lie.  We’ll also be setting up Free Agency as it opens up at 4:00 pm EST on the day this first podcast launches.

Reddit NFL Podcast details

The first episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast will not be immediately available on iTunes or Google Play. They both have a process that takes a little bit of time to get through in order to be listed in their respective app stores. Worry not, as soon as the listing is up, we will post here and let you know!  In the meantime, the podcast will be available to listen to via this website and/or you can use our RSS feed to add the podcast to most podcast apps. Sorry for the inconvenience, its just part of getting a new show up and running. We thank you for burning the extra calories to give us a listen in the meantime!

Looking ahead to the draft

We will be doing a breakdown of each position over the course of the next few weeks heading into the draft. Does your team need a linebacker? We’ll explore the top prospects, and on which teams they might best fit.  Also, we will be having a live draft party in which we will be taking live listener calls and providing as-it happens analysis through the entire first day of the NFL draft. This is a fun, can’t-miss event!

There is a lot of great content (and a few surprises) to come, and we appreciate your support as we kick this off. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and tag us on Reddit!

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